How to travel with your French Bulldog to the UK ? Well, is always a difficult process.

This country has certain rules which you will have to take into account and if you are traveling with a Frenchie also this can add more difficulties to the trip.

A lot of doubts and questions will arise even before your trip starts: 

  • Which will be the best travel option? Plane, train or car?
  • Bringing myself or to contract a Pet agency? 
  • Which documents do I need or Which are the requirements my frenchie has to accomplish?

In this article we’ll answer to all this questions and basing in our own experience we will try to make yours easier.

Back in 2014 we had to move to the Uk from Spain with our French Bulldog “Tyrone” so, we were in your shoes back them.

travel with your French bulldog to the UK

Let’s start then! Are you ready?

How to travel with your French Bulldog to the UK

1. Looking for good resources of information.

First thing we all do is look into the Internet to find information. That’s ok! But you have to make sure you look in the right places. Sometimes Internet can confuse us due the large amount of information and couldn’t be the most accurate.

– Where do I look for?

The best place to look for information to travel with your French Bulldog to the UK is on the UK government website. They give you all the information well detailed and easy to understand.

2. Which is the best option to travel to the Uk? Plane, road or train?

– Plane:

You will be wondering why you have to even ask yourself this question, when the plane would be the best option and fastest way to travel with your French Bulldog to the UK.

That’s when all the nightmares begin!

The Uk Airlines doesn’t allow pets in the cabin so that means that your poor Frenchie would have to travel into the plane’s hold. The cost for that it would be very expensive.

We asked to Iberia Airlines how much it would cost to travel with our Frenchie to the UK and the price they gave us was around 700€ approx.

That option was discarded immediately due the expensive price and also mainly because we were unable to let our Frenchie travel in the plane’s hold like a piece of baggage.

French Bulldogs have breathing problems and you must be careful to not expose them to high temperatures. ( You can read our article “8 basic care your French Bulldog needs” ).

We don’t know if the plane’s hold is a safe place for our furry friend or if they going to have the right temperature.


After discarding the plane option we were checking for trains to get from Spain to the UK.

We found a couple of important issues that made us discard the train as well:

The first problem was Spanish Renfe trains doesn’t allow dogs of more than 10 kg and our French Bulldog weight is 12kg. Only that option is ok if you can travel by car to France and then take a train to Paris. A second problem was we didn’t have a car to get to France at that time.

That was our case but you have to check your route because depending on where you are departing from you would be able to get a train and later link to another option like a car pool or something similar.

– Car:

The car is the best option to travel with your French Bulldog to the UK and you can go all the time with your dog making the trip less stressful.

You can chose to cross the English Channel by the Eurotunnel or a ferry.

Wait a minute, you don’t have a car? Don’t panic!

Ups! We had the same problem!

We can suggest to use the car pooling sharing service Bla Bla Car if you are in Europe.

A great service where people share space in their car to reduce travel expenses so you’ll have to look for the route and dates you want to travel and get in contact with the drivers.

Ask if they accept your Frenchie, most of them will be happy to travel with you and your friend.

The cost won’t be expensive as you are sharing the cost with other passengers.

It’s a great way to travel and make the way less boring as you can chat with the other passengers!

So nice to find great company at this time!

We suggest you to read the reviews before on the Bla Bla Car website.

It was a cool experience for us!

Travelling to the UK by car with our French Bulldog “Tyrone” 

3. Should I bringing him myself or contract a Pet agency?

There is a lot of Pet agencies that you can contract to take your Frenchie to the Uk.

travel with your French Bulldog to UK

Here’s some of them:


Pets 2 go 2

Posh Pet Travel

We don’t have any experience with any Pet agency because we don’t like the idea of leaving our dog for a long trip like this.

Read some reviews on Facebook or on Google to have more knowledge about these companies.

We highly recommend travelling with your French Bulldog to the UK so you will avoid stress on him and  you will be able to take care of him all the time.

Pet agencies travel by road in a big van and take several days to arrive to the UK.

4. Which documents or requirements do I need?

travel with your French bulldog to the UK

Dogs must accomplish the following in order to be able to enter to the UK :

Dogs must also usually have a tapeworm treatment.

Your pet may be put into quarantine for up to 4 months if you don’t follow these rules – or refused entry if you travelled by sea. You’re responsible for any fees or charges.


Crossing the English Channel by Eurotunnel with our French Bulldog.

*Important advice:

– It’s very important to chose a convenient time of the year to travel with your Frenchie.

  You MUST avoid summer time for the high temperatures. 

– Always provide fresh water to your Frenchie to avoid dehydration.

– Plan several stops in your trip to walk your dog to straight his/her legs and do his/her needs.

We hope you find all this information useful and helps you travelling to the UK with your French Bulldog. Have a safe trip!

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