Frenchies are quite high on a list of low-maintenance dogs and keeping them clean will take very little of your time and effort.

The soft, smooth short coat of a Frenchie is easily maintained in a glossy condition with occassional bathing in a quality dog shampoo. 

In this article we will show you…

How to groom your French Bulldog

Groom your French Bulldog


What do I need to bath my French Bulldog?

Basically all you need to bath your Frenchie is:

A dog shampoo: never use your shampoo to bath your Frenchie because they don’t have the same ph and you’ll probably damage the skin of your French Bulldog. You can cause a lot of itches and irritations on him.

I really like Pet Head Shampoo (red bottle one) it has a nice Watermelon smell and is specially made to stop your Frenchie from itches. You can find it at Pets at Home.  I also recommend you to use a shampoo for sensitive skin.

If your dog has fleas or ticks you may need a special treatment shampoo.

A towel and a hair dryer: you have to make sure you dry your Frenchie very well to avoid a cold or leave humidity on his skin ( this can cause skin problems ).

Cologne: any dog cologne to keep your Frenchie fresh and with a good smell after the bath. As the same as the shampoo never use human cologne on your dog.

Wipes: these are specially useful to clean the wrinkles. I usually use The Groom Room ones but you can use any other dog wipes.

Nail Clipper: you must cut your Frenchie’s nails very often to avoid long nails, it can be very dangerous to him if the nails dig into the skin or these grow too much. When the root grow too much it is very difficult to keep it them short.

*Important: Do not try to cut the nails of your dog if you don’t know how to do it.

I highly recommend to take your Frenchie to the vet or a groomer specialist.

The following video shows you how to properly bath your Frenchie…

How often should I bath my Frenchie?

You do not want to over wash your Frenchie and dry out natural skin oils. It is recommended that short haired dogs, like your Frenchie, only bathe 2-5 times a year (but that doesn’t seem to realistic does it?). We bath our Frenchie Tyrone on an as needed basis (which is generally once a month), but we regularly spot clean him with wet washcloths or wet wipes.

How to groom your French Bulldog

Do myself or go to a professional groomer?

If you are experienced with dogs you can groom your dog yourself, but if you are new to dogs you must know that dogs need to empty their anal glands and cut their nails every month. If you don’t know how to do it you will need to take your Frenchie to a professional groomer who will do that for you.

Empty the anal glands of your dog it is not an easy or pleasant task to do and you should let a professional do this.


We hope you like this article and help you with your Frenchie. You can read more about French Bulldog Basic Care in our post:

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