New Free Frenchie Love Wallpaper to Celebrate the New Year!

We want to celebrate with you the start of the New Year and we want to reward you with a Free Wallpaper for your favourites devices.

The start of a new year is always a nice feeling and we want to add some good positive vibes with these free downloadable wallpapers . You deserve after all this rushing with Christmas shopping and family meetings.

Now it’s time to relax a little bit and find some time for yourself.


A Frenchie Love® wallpaper for you!


We have created this wallpaper from our new illustration and it’s ready to download to your phone. Download now your wallpaper for your iPhone.


Frenchie Love Wallpaper

Different is beautiful as beautiful your iPad is going to look with this cute illustration. Download now your wallpaper for your iPad.

Frenchie Love Wallpaper

And lastly,  a wallpaper for you laptop because we know you spend a lot of hours on your computer and we want you enjoy our illustrations as well on your computer. Download now your wallpaper for your Laptop.

You can now download your free wallpapers. Enjoy them!

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