In today’s post we will explain 6 things about French Bulldog History you probably don’t know:

1. French Bulldogs are originally from England

The origin of the modern French Bulldog breed dating back to the 1850’s. Their beginnings are in England with the English Bulldog, descendents of the masfiff breeds ( the dogs of the Molossians, an ancient Greek tribe).

The dogs were spread throughout the ancient world by Phoenician traders. British Molossian dogs were developed into the Mastiff.

2. English afficionates started to breed a small version of the English Bulldog

A group of English afficionates breeders started to breed a smaller English Bulldog called Bulldog Miniature, which weight was no more than 11,8 kg and some of them had “rose” shape or stiff ears.

To reduce their size, some Bulldogs were crossed with terriers, while others were crossed with pugs.

French Bulldog History

3. They almost extinguished from England

English craftsmen, in concrete lacemakers, displaced by the Industrial Revolution, began to settle in Normandy, France.

They brought a variety of dogs with them, including miniature Bulldogs. The dogs became popular in France and a trade in imported small Bulldogs was created, with breeders in England sending over Bulldogs that they considered to be too small, or with faults such as ears that stood up. English Bulldog breeders were happy to see Bulldog Miniature go and almost extinguished from England.

At the end of the XIX they was so popular on France that they were exported back to England.

4. Very popular in the “belles du nuit” parisiennes

You could see them in the boulevards and at the caffes with the vedettes. Toulouse-Lautrec , a famous French painter of the parisinne life, liked to include French Bulldog in his paintings.


French Bulldog History

5. Exported to the EEUU at the end of XIX century

When rich Americans travel to Paris, these were amazed by this small but strong breed. They exported them into the EEUU and in 1890 they started to breed with them mainteining the size and type. They were mostly owned by society ladies.

French Bulldog History

6. The breed was registered for the American Kennel Club in 1898

In 1896 the breed was presented on the most famous and antique dog show in the EEUU, the Westminster Kennel Club dog show. And the next year the inscriptions of French Bulldog was doubled. The American Kennel Club acepted the breed in 1898.

French Bulldog History

In the early 20th century the breed remained in vogue for high society, with dogs changing hands for up to $3,000 and

being owned by members of influential families such as the Rockefellers and the J. P. Morgans. The American Kennel Club

recognised the breed quickly after the breed club was formed, and by 1906 the French Bulldog was the fifth most popular

dog breed in America. In 2013, the American Kennel Club (AKC) ranked the French Bulldog as the 11th most popular breed

in the United States, enjoying a sharp rise in popularity from 54th place a decade before, in 2003. By 2014, they had moved

up to become the ninth most popular AKC registered dog breed in the USA.

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